Concaves & Constructions
Progressive Concave example on a JET Vulcan 38.0

The 2013 Hellfire, Skatera, Invasion, Air Core and Radar series line-up takes advantage of 8 brand new mold choices and diverse construction techniques to form an incredible collection of premium decks and completes. We spent countless hours working as a team to make sure each concave, micro-drop or elliptical drop was perfect for each particular model. All Jet decks are handmade in the USA!

AMP Constructions:
7-ply, 8-ply, 9-ply and 10-ply Canadian hard rock Maple constructions. Not all maple is the same and neither are the ways in which you bond the veneers. It's not rocket science but that's not to say that our constructions are common or easy. For us, every board we make is made with attention to detail, the highest quality materials and striving to produce the best possible product.

There are diverse ways to build quality skateboards. Yes, you can get super high-tech, but the fact is that whether it's a street deck or a DH racing model, more top riders will continually place their trust in quality Maple laminate constructions… time after time. We use handpicked wood, precision molds and the finest adhesives. We call it AMP, Advanced Maple Pressing, and it's unique for the way we create stronger bonds. We won't go into detail, but it shows up in both the quality & the ride. All JET's are proudly made in the USA. Feel free to contact us for more information.

AIR CORE and Double Press Constructions:


Early Sketches for the JET Radar Series and Sergio Yuppie's Hellfire Deck.

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