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Abec 11 Wheels


Abec 11 is both product and team driven. Since the year 2000, Chris Chaput and the Abec 11 crew have sought to meet the needs of even the most demanding skaters. Every single wheel is poured in Huntington Beach California using a proprietary urethane formula. Abec has the best selection of sizes, shapes, durometers and formulas on the planet for every type of skateboarding. The 2016 Abec 11 lineup features the following 6 series of wheels: Tablet, Conical, SideSet, FreeRide, ZigTrax, and Flywheel. Visit

Liquid Trucks


All of our Jet completes come stock using the most advanced truck system ever developed. Liquid Trucks feature more adjustability, more compatibility and more performance than any other truck on the market. Liquid Trucks are the first RKP (Reverse Kingpin) trucks to come stock with multiple bushing configurations to truly dial in your ride. The baseplates have a customized 12-hole pattern which provides three New School and/or two Old School positions for a single set of deck holes. Get onboard these trucks and see what we mean when we say Power to the Skater! Visit